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I'm finishing a voice recognition application in c# , but it recognizes only words (not sentences), besides that some of the words that the program recognizes are not the ones I pronounce verbally, I would like them to help me so that the program can recognize phrases and sentences, and also recognize the words correctly.

Here is the code that I carry.

public partial class MainWindow : Window
        SpeechRecognitionEngine _Recognition = new SpeechRecognitionEngine();
        public MainWindow()
private void btEscuchar_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            _Recognition.LoadGrammar(new DictationGrammar());
            _Recognition.SpeechRecognized += _Recognition_SpeechRecognized;


asked by edward erickson fiestas flores 18.07.2017 в 18:27

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If you want to pass text to text try the speech to text cognitive services, I recently mounted a similar demo and only recognizes the words of the dictionary, you have to make the sentences by hand, but the other possibility is to look for a dictionary.

EDIT: On the same page of cognitive services from Microsoft there is a demo, access to the documentation and a github repository with source code for a WPF application.

Go to the demo and voice recognition documentation by Microsoft


Convert audio with voice into text. The API may be required to   turn on to recognize audio broadcast by the microphone in real time,   to recognize audio broadcasted from another audio source in time   real or to recognize audio within a file.

Go to the github repository

I hope it serves you

answered by 19.07.2017 в 11:40