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I have a remote repository link

In the same host where I am located I had created the repo and pusheado, I asked for the nickname and password and I could click.

Clone the repo link on the same host, modify some things and pusheo (but do not ask for password or user, I want that if you ask for password and user).

With this last thing I should do to ask for the password and user, to avoid such problems.

asked by Kevin AB 22.09.2016 в 15:13

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Did you add an ssh key? If so, you should simply change the URL of the remote repository, and use the https option.

To change the remote you should simply run the command:


git remote set-url 'new-url'

answered by 22.09.2016 в 16:03

If you type git config -l , do you see a credential.xxxxx ? If this is the case, the one that does not ask for credentials may be due to CredentialHelper .

If you look at the file .git/config you might find a line like that, which indicates that you are using CredentialHelper in that repo.

[credential ""]
helper = store
answered by 22.09.2016 в 16:05