How to install C # in SublimeText?


The problem is that now I want to program on this technology, but I do not want to download even the visual studio because it consumes resources and is quite heavy, so I want to start in a simple but effective way in sublime text and I would like to know how it is done because I get an error trying to install that language, if you can call the process that way.

This the clone file of a github and that I had to put so that I could compile programs of type .cs

This is the small file that I would like to run with c #

This is the error that I get when executing "build" which is what makes the program run

C # is already chosen as the default build language

asked by David 14.09.2016 в 21:30

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What you need is to install the C # compiler and Omnisharp for Sumblime so that you have the autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

C # and .NET Compiler

If you want a light version of .NET with which to practice the language you can install .NET Core, so you could compile simply using the command:

$> dotnet build

Reference: link

Omnisharp for Sublime

Using the Package Control , install the package called OmniSharp .

answered by 14.09.2016 / 21:35

You could use LINQPad , it's an excellent tool to learn C #, it does not have auto completion if you do not use the premium version, but still in its free version is excellent.

answered by 29.09.2016 в 23:12