How can I debug a web element that only appears in the mouseover event?


I have some popups that give the bookmark information in a google map made with InfoBox. But they appear to me without style.

To create it, I followed this answer successfully, but the style of the tooltip, which is not shown, I'm sure the file css is loaded because I also do not have errors the map is displayed correctly in full screen.

As only shown when mouse over, I can not see the class that belongs (although it should be infobox-popup and if I remove the event mouseout and I apply the style to hand class .infobox (which is what it has when it is not hidden automatically) works correctly, but returns to the initial behavior when I reapply the mouseout event.


  • How can I debug a web element that only appears when I mouse over it (mouseover)?

EXTRA (not necessary, but if the flute sounds, better:)

  • How can I get the style applied to the tooltips created with infobox ?


asked by Jordi Castilla 03.08.2016 в 11:42

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In the case of Chrome ( Mac OSX and Windows at least), pressing F8 with the mouse on the map point triggers the event and blocks the <div> .

Then from the classic tab of Elements where you see the html you can see the css that affect and modify them or make the checks you want.

You should check which key is on other OSs and browsers that I imagine will have a similar function.

answered by 03.08.2016 / 12:37