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Website hacking with a script that references another site

Recently my site was hacked, the attackers managed to upload a webshell to the site, however everything was controlled and the site is safe again. Now eset nod32 I detected a trojan fakejquery , investigating a bit I could see that in t...
asked by 17.10.2016 / 23:59

How to make my input text have a separator of thousands and decimals in jquery?

I am trying to make a coin format for my input, which I want to be formatted automatically with thousand separator (",") and decimals; try with several plugins but they do not work for me. function addCommas(nStr) { nStr += '';...
asked by 09.09.2016 / 18:30

How to border shadow an image when you click on it?

I am making a form to select the type of card at the time of payment and I want that when you select the image of the type of card it is marked with a shading around it. my template is: <form> ... <div class='formulario-tarjeta...
asked by 28.03.2018 / 13:58

Boolean primitive values versus boolean object

I am seeing JavaScript and I came across this that I do not understand the Boolean objects and the Boolean primitives . If I use a Boolean object to compare it in a if will it give me false ? Or why the documentation of...
asked by 01.12.2016 / 05:36

Differences between == and === (comparisons in JavaScript)

I've always seen that in JavaScript there is: assignments = comparisons == and === I think I understand that == does something similar to compare the value of the variable and the === also compa...
asked by 03.12.2015 / 10:45

Validate an email in JavaScript that accepts all Latin characters

Question How to validate an e-mail that accepts all Latin characters? By Latin characters I mean accented letters, ñ , ç , and all those used by languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian ... Latin. Context The goal...
asked by 01.12.2015 / 21:55

Show progress bar with values while loading subpage

I have a preload or progress that I show before being redirected to another page. What I want is that while it is loading to open another page, the div of the progress is increasing up to 100%, as well as a numerical value (n / 100). I cur...
asked by 12.02.2016 / 01:53

How to join the values of an object of a json to an array

I have this JSON. [{ GRUPO1: '3096', PER1: '0', PER2: '0', PER3: '0', PER4: '0', PER5: '0', PER6: '0', PER7: '3096', PER8: '0', PER9: '0', PER10: '0', PER11: '0', PER12: '0', TOTAL:...
asked by 29.08.2016 / 19:50

What is a Symbol for in JavaScript? (ES6)

Reading the MDN documentation where we talk about the primitive data Symbol for more that I read and reread I do not understand what would be a use case for that element more than to iterate Symbol.iterator . The documentation sa...
asked by 29.12.2015 / 18:58

Quit a function from a $ .each

I'm using the $ .each function of jQuery to run a JSON , and given some validation I want to show a alert() , leave the $.each and the function that contains it, I know that return false; leaves the function $.each...
asked by 08.12.2015 / 16:40