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Good afternoon,

I would like my website to be translated into several languages. I would like to put in the header of my web the typical language flags where when you click on them the page is translated to the selected language.

How could I do it?

Thank you very much for the suggestions,

asked by angel amaya 21.06.2016 в 12:13

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If you are doing it with php, you should have a file with all the texts in the languages you want and when you click on the flag go through get a variable, which can be 'eng' or 'is' for example and detect by php if it is one or the other using a language file or another.

If you are doing this only with html you can do the same page in as many languages as you want to put.

I hope it serves you

answered by 21.06.2016 в 12:17

You have two options to do it.
1.- It is the most expensive to maintain, since it requires making the pages as if they were static, and every change, you would have to do it in all languages. I do not recommend this option.

2.- If you work with databases, save the texts in the languages you want and load the texts according to the selected language. You can also save the language in a cookie, and so if the visitor returns to visit your site, you already know the language to show the web.

answered by 21.06.2016 в 12:35