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I want to work with eclipse neon, the latest version. I want to make a desktop application, for which I need to use the WindowBuilder tool; but I can not find it. In old versions it does exist. According to the documentation I must install an update, but everything related to WindowBuilder is only up to version 4.5 and eclipse neon is version 4.6.

asked by LARRY30001 18.07.2016 в 04:10

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The WindowsBuilder project does not yet have official support for Eclipse Neon, the latest version for which it has support is Eclipse Mars. This is because since version 4.6 (Neon) a new way to build plugins is used within the Eclipse project ( Tycho )

According to the forum Eclipse has been working on giving support Neon but those who kept the original project no longer do so there is no confirmation When can it be available officially? However, here find a way to clone the project to your team and create it with Maven, but the execution is not free of errors.

answered by 18.07.2016 в 06:11