Date object why does it show one more day?


I know that the month starts counting from scratch, that's why one more month comes out and I have to take one from him. But because the day shows one less?

var fecha = new Date(1989, 10, 10);
asked by francisco dwq 29.12.2017 в 15:03

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Depends on your time zone. When creating the date you are creating a date on November 10, 1989 at 00:00 in your time zone.

What you are showing is the same date in ISO format that shows the date regarding UTC time use.

The date for your time zone is still correct in any case:

var fecha = new Date(1989, 10, 10);
console.log('Formato ISO:', fecha.toISOString());
console.log('Formato local:', fecha.toLocaleString());
answered by 29.12.2017 в 15:31

The problem is with the UTC time difference compared to GMT. To calculate it with your local time you can create the date

 var fecha = new Date(1989, 10, 10);
var fecha= new Date(fecha.valueOf() + fecha.getTimezoneOffset() * 60000);

This way if the Fri will be released Nov 10 1989 00:00:00 GMT 0000

The 00:00:00 will be the time difference you have according to your time use. That is to say that according to your time use you will leave in hours minutes and seconds instead of 00:00:00 if your time use is -05: 00 then it will come out:

Fri Nov 10 1989 05:00:00 GMT -0500

answered by 29.12.2017 в 15:26

Because simply the constructor Date receives the parameters:

new Date(

Done, year_num, month_num, dia_num are integer values with representations of   the parts of a date. As a whole value, the month is represented as 0   to 11, with 0 = January and 11 = December.


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