React Native: Unable to download JS bundle


I created the sample application in React Native, following the initial tutorial that the official site has:

React Native Android

But, when I execute


react-native run-android

I find the following error:

Anyone who knows if I followed the indications badly or missing something extra in that initial guide?

asked by Agustin N. R. Ramirez 20.12.2015 в 01:35

2 answers


I had that same problem, I was able to solve it with the following command

adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081

This command works with android devices version 5.0 or higher, adb reverse allows to redirect a port of the device to the computer.

answered by 20.12.2015 / 03:57

Before running react-native run-android , on another terminal type react-native start

answered by 30.04.2017 в 20:25