Error 404 on AJAX requests from Android after changing the server certificate


We are doing a hybrid app with Phonegap and jQuery Mobile that, through ajax requests, retrieves some data from an external server in JSON format and then treats them.

We have never had any problems in iOS or Android. Since we updated the security certificate of the domain (we force the signature algorithm to be SHA-256 with RSA encryption) to which the App makes the requests, the Ajax connections return a 404 error , when the day before being still the certificate with signature SHA1 there was no problem. In iOS on the contrary still does not give us any problem.

Could someone give me some light about it?

asked by Juanma D. 18.12.2015 в 09:04

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This can solve some doubts. Copy and paste (translated by google):

OS, the browser and server support


Android has the technical capacity to manage certificates SHA-256   from version 1.0. In practice, some users may   find problems with the validation of certificates they use   Cross certificates (these certificates from the help chain to root   alternative). 1.6 improved this problem for some users, the   issue is resolved as of version 2.2

Toolkits, libraries, frames, etc.


Support for SHA-2 was introduced in OpenSSL 0.9.8, but it is not   enabled by default with SSL_library_init (). In 0.9.8,   SHA-2 hash functions must be called in concrete or using   OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms (), which can not be desired. OpenSSL 0.9.8o   allows SHA-2 hashing algorithms in the default configuration.

Reference SHA-256 Compatibility

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