How to know when they capture the screen of my web page?


I am working on a project with html, laravel, php, javascript, jquery and ajax the problem is that I want to know when they take screenshot to my web page and send an alert by email.

I have searched for information but I do not find anything related, so I have not tried anything.

Is there any way to do it or is it possible to do it?

Thank you in advance.

asked by j ch 27.07.2018 в 20:52

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I am afraid that what you are trying to do is not possible. The screen capture is made by the user through a call to the operating system API. The process that manages the web browser is not aware of the realization of these calls so it is not possible, in principle, to capture them.

You might think that you can capture the touch of the screen capture key but:

  • This key does not trigger events associated with keys such as keypress.
  • Pressing this key is not the only way to order a screenshot.
  • Generally, you can try to have some control of what happens in the client, but the owner of what happens is the client's machine.

    answered by 30.07.2018 в 10:15