Animations CSS3 or JAVASCRIPT [closed]


What is the difference between the animations that you can create with CSS3 and with Javascript? On what occasions is it better to use one or the other?

asked by Jogofus 27.12.2016 в 02:58

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to my point of view it is

CSS. Cascading Style Sheets is the language used to describe the presentation of HTML or XML documents.

that is to say that CSS is more suitable to style the pages and does not provide too much iteration with the user since it is not part of its functionality.

now Js its functionality is focused more on the interaction with the user, events (click, dbclick, keyworks, etc)

Although it is true that you can also make animations with CSS, they are not powerful animations, since in reality they are simple animated transitions

answered by 27.12.2016 в 03:35