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Someone with a little experience can help me. I have a chat application with SignalR on a host that in functional browsers 100%

But I want to load that web application in a webBrowser control of Visual Studio (C #) and I get an error when it starts loading, without me touching anything.

The error says:


SignalR: No JSON parser found. Please ensure json2.js is referenced before   the SignalR.js file if you need to support without JSON parsin support, e.g. IE

asked by Javier 30.03.2017 в 18:34

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WebBrowser is an IE with the version you have installed but with Internet Explorer 7 (compatibility) mode.

What MainMind tells you may work for you, but you will always depend on what you have installed on the client machine.

To avoid this ... I honestly would not use WebBrowser, look at this link (in English):


Translated literally:


CefSharp allows you to embed Chromium in .NET applications. Is a   light .NET container around Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)   by Marshall A. Greenblatt. Around 30% of the links are   written in C ++ / CLI with most of the code here is C #. It can   use from C # or VB, or any other CLR language. CefSharp   provides WPF web browser control implementations and   WinForms.


That is, you can use chromium for your application. Here is an example for WinForms.



answered by 12.03.2018 в 12:49

If the problem is with Internet Explorer (so it seems) add the following header to force to use standard HTML, from there if another error appears send the detail:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge" />

Also try another updated browser

answered by 12.03.2018 в 12:30