how to make android studio recognize android device on mac [closed]


I use android studio in my macbook, to test the app I use the emulator but when I connect an android device I do not recognize the device, I do not know if it's a driver's fault or something like that, that is when I open the adb in android studio to run some project only I get my emulators not the device connected by usb

asked by Liantony Pozo 30.03.2017 в 23:15

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You need to enable "Developer" mode on your device see configuration in Ajustes - > Información del Teléfono

You press the option " Número de compilación " 7 times, so that the " desarrollador " options are activated. **

With “Opciones de Desarrollo "activated on your device, enter the option Depuración USB . A dialog must be shown with the message

"The computer RSA key fingerprint is ........"

which you must accept to allow your device to connect to the PC.

answered by 30.03.2017 в 23:32

Hello friend, ami the same happened my cell phone in a samsung, this code varies depending on the terminal * # 0808 # place that code and choose the following


answered by 31.03.2017 в 07:56