Why do not Laracast / Flash messages run on laravel 5.2?


Install Laracast / Flash in my project developed in Laravel 5.2, everything is perfect, inserted and deleted and all that, but when I want to show a message, it does not do anything, that is, it makes the option but it does not show the message.

The view has Flash Include @include('flash::message') but still does not show anything.

What could be the problem?

Searching and investigating the only one that seems to have the answer is in this Link Show message with Flash in Laravel 5 when redirecting Jose Gratereaux , but it does not explain how he did it.

Thanks in advance for the help.

asked by Peter Pinedo 16.02.2016 в 07:28

1 answer


1) Make sure you have inserted the code correctly in the providers

'providers' => [

2) On your controller you should write this

return view('admin.users.index');
answered by 02.12.2016 в 15:02