Windows 10: Unable to unlink corporate account - delete from registry


I'm using Windows 10, more exactly the latest insider for business version.

In the configuration of my account I had my corporate account associated with it:

And everything went great until trying to connect to the VPN I started to get some certificate errors, so I went there to give Sync but it never worked.

Because of this I assumed that it was best to unlink the account and re-link it, so I did it as seen in the following image, where it clearly is no longer.

Then I went to check in Work Access where it is supposed that there should be nothing, but the profile keeps appearing and even if I remove it always asks me to delete it from the account, step that from then I have followed.

So I try to join the work account again, since it no longer exists , but in doing so the system is telling me that IF it exists and that in effect the account is already associated.

I have tried to delete it looking for registry keys and powershell commands without success, I am very convinced that powershell must be possible to solve, however I could not find the joke.

asked by JuanK 18.01.2016 в 22:51

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Keep in mind that it is not the same to have the account linked to Azure AD , than to the MDM administration from Work access . Although both can work with a single account, they can be exclusive.

The strange thing is that About should show you something like «Disconnect from the organization» ; Did you join manually, or was it through a company directive?

As for enrollment , it is assumed that the information should be hosted in a subkey under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Enrollments

In my case it is in this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Enrollments \ 126984D1-2765-46B7-BC31-B85A342070F2

Try out the value that corresponds to you and see if the account is unlinked.

answered by 18.01.2016 / 23:32