SSL Cloud app with SHA-2


Good morning, I have a certificate created by GoDaddy for a site I've already created the configuration to load it to coudapp in , this certificate has a thumbprintAlgorithm sha2 , but in all the guides works only with sha1 , I have looked for tutorials to change it in development but it has not been possible.

Can anyone give me guidance on what I can do?

asked by Angelo cardona 22.01.2016 в 17:42

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Greetings, in the same way as you, generate a certificate in GoDaddy and I chose sha2 as thumbprintAlgorithm , since according to GoDaddy you will soon stop using sha1 :


The new certificates that we issue with the expiration date to   As of January 1, 2017, you can only use SHA-2. Others   new certificates must use SHA-2 as well.


Coded signature certificates with expiration date   after December 31, 2015, you must also use SHA-2.


Once I got the certificates, GoDaddy generated the downloadable for IIS , which is the web server to use microsoft. With these downloables and the certificate manager utility of , I could generate the .pfx and upload it to

answered by 29.01.2016 / 18:54