javascript string.indexOf (array) does not work with long strings


I was looking for a good time but all the questions were different from mine.

I'm trying to find a string in an array where the strings within the array contain more than one word, for example:

var array = ["hola soy un string", " asd hola asd " , "hola"]

if I do:


I will return 2, okay.

But, if my array is like this:

var array = ["hola asd", "asdasd hola", "aaxs hola asdxas"]


does not return anything despite the fact that "hello" is, why is this?

Also try this way: { return i; }).indexOf("hola");

But more of the same, it did not work.

asked by Darcyys 09.11.2016 в 10:50

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Array.indexOf( ) returns the first exact match within an array.

[ 'hola', 'adios' ].indexOf( 'hola' ) => 0
[ 'hola', 'adios' ].indexOf( 'ios' ) => -1

You have no choice but to go through the entire Array, element by element, using a loop:

idx = -1;
while( curr = Array[++idx] )
answered by 09.11.2016 / 11:08

If you look at the documentation of indexOf you can see that it returns the index of the first position it finds with the string that you are looking for.


var str = "Hello world, welcome to the universe.";
var n = str.indexOf("e"); // n =  1

But you apply it to a array , then it returns the index of the element that matches what you are looking for. When you had the array with an element "hola" I found it, but then having "aaxs hola asdxas" you can not find it

answered by 09.11.2016 в 10:56