Scaffolding with 5


I have been working recently with 5, in addition to the new features it has and the improvements it makes I can not find the way to do scaffolding as it was done in 4.

Is there a functional and stable add-on for an 5 project or will this functionality be available for later versions?

asked by Sxntk 02.12.2015 в 16:57

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In ASP.NET 5, Scafolding will be officially supported and can be done in two ways:

In the GitHub repository of ASP.NET 5 there is a specific project for Scafolding that is in full development.

It is also interesting to read the Issue # 135 of that same project, in which @sayedihashimi provides details on the progress and you can see how they are currently focusing on Scafolding based on Visual Studio.

Regarding the progress of Scafolding based on commands, you can follow the Issue # 139

answered by 02.12.2015 / 22:53