Alternative to visual studio compile my programs without IDE [duplicate]


I want to compile my applications in Visual Studio that I normally do in Visual Basic and C# but without needing to start the IDE every time I need to compile.

The project would look like this:

I want to compile it from the console not using the IDE ie from the compiler of Visual Studio for developers. To compile I do:

vbc.exe Form1.vb

But I do not see anything compiled or anything or seems to work Any suggestions or advice to achieve it?

asked by Perl 22.12.2016 в 11:45

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Although you do not want to start Visual Studio, I'm going to assume that you have it installed.

If this is the case, when Visual Studio was installed, a Visual Studio developer console was also installed (example in English: Developer Command Prompt for VS2015 .

If you open that console, and then navigate where you have your project, then you can execute the following statement:

msbuild TCPClientClean.vbproj

Note that the parameter that you pass to msbuild can be the project file (* .vbproj or * .csproj) or the solution file (* .sln).

answered by 22.12.2016 / 12:14