Switch from one textField to another TextField when giving it to continue on the IOS keyboard


How can I go from textfield to other textfield by hitting the continue button on the keyboard of ios ??

I've tried with @IBAction but it only works for me if I change manually from textfield

asked by 03.10.2016 в 11:04

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It is not possible to do it automatically. The best way is to implement the following delegated method:


In it, detect what textField is the current, and make the next textField become the asset with:


If you need to know the order and which one you are in at that moment, use the delegate method textFieldDidBeginEditing(_:) and assign a tag of order to each textField so that if you are in tag 3 the next one is the 4

answered by 03.10.2016 / 11:10