Google Apps Script Forms Service from Android


I am working on research for the development of a web browser-type mobile app that opens a page, in order to work in the offline mode of Google Forms.

I know I need to use this Google Apps Script Forms service to develop this application, but I do not know how to implement it in a web browser and integrate it into the project in Android Studio.

Could you help me explain how or where to start?

asked by Ivan Saravia 02.10.2016 в 04:32

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Unlike documents, spreadsheets and presentations, Google forms (Google Forms) does not count as an offline mode.

Regarding the second part, you can use " REST API " of Google Apps Script (Execution API) to call Google Apps Script and its various services. On the referred page there are examples for several languages, including Java.

answered by 14.04.2017 в 08:48