Uncaught TypeError: Can not set property 'display' of undefined (...)


I have a store that displays the products and that by clicking on it you would have to open a modal showing the details of that product.

I have several JavaScript libraries like jQuery, Prototype and script.aculo.us.

Before it worked correctly, however I do not know why it does not work now, the only thing that is that the console I get the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'display' of undefined(…)

The composition of my files is like this, I have the following tag that executes the show_window function with a JavaScript onclick:

<img src="<?echo($m_PRODUCTO['IMAGEN'] . "?SID=" . generateRandomString(20))?>" width="160" height="120" <?if($_SESSION['SES_SYSTEM']['B2C']['CLIENTE']['CLI_ID']){?> onclick="show_window('index.php?ACTION=APLICACION.B2C.OTROS.LOAD_ACTION&SUBACTION=DETALLE_PRODUCTO&PRODUCTO=<?echo($e_PRO_ID)?>', '&nbsp;', 590, 490);" style="cursor:pointer"<?}?>/> 

The show_window function is as follows:

function show_window(URL, TITULO, ANCHO, ALTO, PARENT)
  if(PARENT == undefined)

  windowDetalleProducto = new Window
     className: "modalWindow",
     title: "<FONT FACE='verdana' COLOR='#000000'>" + TITULO + "</FONT>",
     width: ANCHO,
     height: ALTO,
     top: 0,
     minimizable: false,
     maximizable: false,
     resizable: false,
     recenterAuto: false,
     showEffect: Element.show,
     hideEffect: Element.hide,
     parent: document.getElementById(PARENT)

  windowDetalleProducto.setHTMLContent("<div id='loading'><div class='cargando'><img src='./b2c/3pesos/img/estructura/loading.gif'><br>Cargando... Por favor espere</div></div>");
  windowDetalleProducto.showCenter(true, 60, 0);


And if it works, this is what the Chrome console throws at me:

asked by Hoose 24.11.2016 в 22:30

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I have found the solution to my problem.

The problem was that I was using different Javascript frameworks like jQuery, Prototype and script.aculo.us, since these libraries usually use the alias $ and when this happens, a conflict or duplication of functions may arise.

The only thing I did was change the alias $ in jQuery by j with noConflict () as follows:

  var j = jQuery.noConflict();


        window.location.href = "index.php?ACTION=APLICACION.B2C.CATALOGO.GOTO_CATEGORY&OPC=1&CAT=1&ROW=32&SID=5a8evc7yfqUYdaEVlFTDVmbVFL4WHey4hkIl6abZ&PRECIO=37&TEMPLATE=3pesos";
      }, 5000);*/

      window.location.href = "index.php?ACTION=APLICACION.B2C.CATALOGO.GOTO_CATEGORY&OPC=1&CAT=1&PRECIO=68&TEMPLATE=3pesos";

    j('#myModal .modal-content').click(function(){
      window.location.href = "index.php?ACTION=APLICACION.B2C.CATALOGO.GOTO_CATEGORY&OPC=1&CAT=1&PRECIO=68&TEMPLATE=3pesos";

In this way, the alias $ is replaced by me as j, and I will not have problems with the other libraries. I hope you can serve someone.

answered by 25.11.2016 / 00:32