Results Other an Unspecified in the fields LopMostSpecificTargetId AoiMostSpecificTargetId


Using the variables LopMostSpecificTargetId AoiMostSpecificTargetId I have tried to include it in the script to get those fields and in the sheet I get the results Unspecified an Other.

Do you know why I get this data and not the location or country of the user?

I put the script

function main() {
var spreadsheeturl = 'Hoja del Sheet';
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(spreadsheeturl);
var active = sheet.getActiveSheet();
var report ="SELECT AoiMostSpecificTargetId,LopMostSpecificTargetId FROM CLICK_PERFORMANCE_REPORT DURING YESTERDAY");
asked by AitorUdabe 01.09.2016 в 16:01

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Well I've been researching and he has told me about the google adwords that are having a problem with these variables, that's why nothing comes out.

answered by 03.10.2016 в 16:55