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As I highlight an area of a country with leafletjs the only way I have seen is using a Geojson file I used mapzen and it works but there is another way of doing it this way the problem that I have is that the geojson files weigh heavily (up to 15mg) and I am worried about the performance of the application, in the application that I am doing it is on a map of my country, they are 18 departments

Here's an example, that's what I'm looking for link

asked by Sergio Romero 01.09.2016 в 07:27

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You can see an example of how to style a geojson with polygons in link and for the performance do not be afraid, with that number of geometries will not give you problems. You can see an example I made to dynamically represent a large number of points and the performance is not affected in link

answered by 01.09.2016 / 09:19