LEMP Script for Ubuntu / Debian


Is there a script to install the entire LEMP stack in Ubuntu / Debian in the style of CentOS (Centmin Mod)?

asked by b1nar10 10.08.2016 в 17:09

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TL; DR; using link ee stack install --all

Installing a basic LAMP Stack in Ubuntu / Debian has always been very easy using Tasksel:

sudo tasksel install lamp-server

However, installing a LEMP Stack on Debian / Ubuntu was not so easy until EasyEngine appeared. Although it may seem on its website that only WordPress mounts, it is much more than that.

Take a look at the tutorials they have to assemble practically everything:


For example:

ee stack install --all

It will install full LEMP + PostFix (Postfix is the price you have to pay in exchange for installing a LEMP in a single line of code :)

answered by 07.09.2016 в 16:13