Problems with Springboot, vue and heroku


Hello, create a Springboot project in STS and within a folder called frontend that contains the part with vue

I was able to host my CRUD project in heroku, but with some problems:

1) so that the page runs, I had to pass the generated files in / dist to the public folder, and this in turn put it with the rest of the files of the SpringBoot part, just there I was able to visualize everything in heroku , but I lost the part of css that worked when I ran locally.

2) To the project I did it with MySQL, I had to change it to postgresql for heroku and it does not do any operation, so I modified pom.xml adding the dependencies of postgresql and (do I have to pass the parameters to it as with MySQL? what do you see in credential view in heroku?)


the github repository link


and a heroku capture if someone can help me and need me to tell you a little more, there's no problem, greetings and thanks.

asked by Masterweed 02.01.2019 в 20:31

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