Edit commands and buttons in Kendo UI + Vuejs


Dear, someone can explain to me how to edit the commands provided by Kendo UI when creating a tree list table. That is, change the name of 'edit' to edit and also add features to taste.

<kendo-treelist data-source-ref="remoteDataSource"

        <kendo-treelist-column :field="'Rubro'" :width="140"></kendo-treelist-column>
        <kendo-treelist-column :field="'Descripcion'" :width="140"></kendo-treelist-column>
        <kendo-treelist-column :title="'Acciones'" :command="['edit', 'destroy']" :width="200"></kendo-treelist-column>

I'm working with vuejs and I'm not able to change the name, nor add functionality to the edit button:

:command="['edit', 'destroy']"
asked by Nahuel Jakobson 20.12.2018 в 15:14

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