When doing POST I do not correctly recover the value of a radio button


I try to describe my scenario.
I have a view that contains two radio buttons and depending on which one is selected, a partial or another view is displayed.

 @Html.RadioButtonFor(model => model.TipoVP, new String("VP_A".ToCharArray()), new { @checked = "checked" })
 <span class="custom-control-label">Vista parcial A</span>
 @Html.RadioButtonFor(model => model.TipoVP, new String("VP_B".ToCharArray()))
 <span class="custom-control-label">Vista parcial B</span>  

As you can see, when you enter, by default partial view A is shown because you have defined the cheked to true.

The partial views are shown in this div:

  <div id="vistaparcial">
     @Html.Action("GetVistaParcial", "miControlador")

I also have a javascript code to show / hide the partial views depending on the radio button that is selected.

 $("[name=TipoVP]").on('change', function () {
    var $rb = $(this);

       url: '/miControlador/GetVistaParcial/',
       data: { tipov: $rb.val() },
       success: function (respuesta) {

The action method is like this:

 public ActionResult GetVistaParcial(string tipov)
    if (tipov == null || tipov == "VP_A")
       return PartialView("_PartialView_A");
       return PartialView("_PartialView_B");

So far in principle everything seems to work fine, when loading the view the partial view A appears first, when I press the radio buttons it is shown and hidden correctly, but ... If I have selected the partial view B and I do a POST to send the data to the controller, to the action method that has to process the data I get the value of the selected radio button (VP_B), but then in the GetVistaParcial action, the value that reaches the parameter is null, with that shows me the partial view that does not touch.

How can I do so that when I make a POST, I keep the value of the selected radio button?

I add this information to respond to Leandro's comments and provide more information to the initial question.

My method of action that should process the data would be like this:

 public ActionResult Index(miViewModel vm)
    /* Aquí en vm.TipoVP tengo VP_A o VP_B según la selección */
    //Realizar acciones
    /* Devuelvo el modelo a la vista */
    return View(vm);

Once the return is executed, in the view, I have the line:

 @Html.Action("GetVistaParcial", "miControlador", new { tipov = Model.TipoVP } )

The problem is that I do not know how to reference the content of Model.TipoVP to assign it to typev in the HtmlAction ().

asked by Carlos 20.12.2018 в 15:21

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To keep the value of the radio button must be sent as part of the submit to the action that receives the post , then send it again in the render of the view

If in the cshtml you define

@Html.RadioButtonFor(m => m.tipov,"VP_A")
@Html.RadioButtonFor(m => m.tipov,"VP_B")

then in the action you receive it to assign it as part of the model

public class xxModel{
   //resto propiedades
   public string tipov {get;set;}

public ActionResult Actionpost(xxModel model){
    //aqui codigo


You can change the value of the model, but if you return it as you arrive, you send again the selection that is rendered in the view

answered by 20.12.2018 в 17:08