Google Opt-Out-Cookie by javascript


Well, I explain, I use wordpress as the basis of development and the editor has a small problem, when you enter a script entry and you give visual, it deletes the script you have tried to insert. The problem is that I need to put this in

<a onclick="alert('Google Analytics wurde deaktiviert');" 
  href="javascript:gaOptout()">Google Analytics sera desactivado

And obviously every time my writing partner makes a change, because this is deleted, so I've been trying to put it in jquery, but I can not find the solution. I tried this:

<a class="test">Test</a>

$('.test').add("'<a' onclick="alert(''Google Analytics wurde deaktiviert); . "href=" . javascript:gaOptout() . '>'."Google Analytics deaktivieren" . "</a>");

But there's no way, I'm very lost, someone who can help me?

asked by Dario B. 18.12.2018 в 09:53

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