Background color in header Jqgrid


I am trying to place the background for the colNames of Jqgrid I wish something like this:

I get this by placing the following directly in the Javascript:

 colNames:['', '<span class="badge bg-green">Orden N°</span>','Proveedor'....

The idea is to use css to have the same effect. I have also tried the following:

.ui-jqgrid .ui-jqgrid-labels th.ui-th-column {
    background-color: orange;
    background-image: none

and the result is:

which is totally different from what I wish maybe where to start or an idea thanks in advance

asked by Diego Avila 13.12.2018 в 23:45

1 answer


Give an edge-radius to the thead of your board so that it is as you want.


.nombre-clase { 
      border-radius: 50px;

Another option is to find the styles that generate the badge bg-green classes and copy them where you want them to look the same.

answered by 13.12.2018 / 23:52