Windows service disappeared after restart


I have a Windows 7 computer which has installed a Windows Service that I have programmed in VB.NET and that has been running normally for quite some time.

A few days ago said computer was automatically restarted through a scheduled task, restart that was performed without apparent problems. However, hours later I noticed that the Windows Service indicated was no longer present in the list of Windows services (services.msc), but strangely, the Windows service was still in the list of programs, and there was also the corresponding executable in the directory where this Windows service was installed. I had to manually load the Windows service in this list of Windows services (with the application sc.exe and the create command), and from there I could start the service again.

I have reviewed the Windows events to verify if there was any precedent about it, however, I do not find anything of interest.

Is there anything else I can review that allows me to understand why this situation happened?

asked by Fernando Andrs Sepulveda Silva 06.12.2018 в 19:54

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