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Hello, I would like to know how to do the following, as well as web testing tools like tools.pingdom.com I would like to know how to "see" and know all the files that a web loads when calling it, for example with the tool that I have named before, tools.pingdom.com when doing a test to google.com loads the following among many other things:

link 487.0 B
link 689.0 B
link 74.2 KB
link ... 6.0 KB
link ... 1.2 KB
link ... 655.0 B
link 7.3 KB
link 16.8 KB

I do not know with what language to do it and what the calls would be like if it's better with PHP or preferably another language like JS or ... I do not know I'm a little lost if you can guide me a bit?

In summary what I want is to check all the loads of a web external files (weight and time of each file)


asked by pablo 06.12.2018 в 16:28

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