Can I enter special characters from a JSON?


How can I enter special characters within a JSON? For example, if I have:

    "a": "Hola mundo"

and I want to put the word "world" in quotes. Try escaping them and with the HTML code: " The string I show in a web page, but neither of the two options worked, I do not know if the library that loads it or is something inherent in the use of JSON.



Escaped quotes: \"

Do not adequately pose the question. I see that my problem is a thing of the library ngx-translate for Angular2 , not for the JSON itself. This library stores the translations in the JSON file, but it has not allowed me to enter double quotes within them as I indicated before.

asked by Orici 30.05.2018 в 23:04

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According to the standard used by for the use of strings or String , Values should start with a " to use a valid character except double quotes should use the backslash \ and after that the control character that you need obviously ending with "

Some valid JSON

let comillaDoble = {
    "a": "comilla \"doble\""
let comillaSimple = {
    "a": "comilla \'simple\'"
let saltoCarro = {
    "a": "\t tab \n Enter"
let barras = {
    "a": "barra1\\/barra2 \u00F1"


Now what does that \u mean, what's it for? simple is used for special characters call accents and accents among others in unicode format .

miJson = {
"resultado":  "1 es \u003C 2 ", 

An example of when we use Unicode is when we send the answers via GET the parameter is transformed to unicode with the command encodeURIComponent


I invite you to read the differences between a JSON and an Object in JavaScript

answered by 31.05.2018 / 00:50

If you can, you should only use a backslash ( \ ) in front of the quotes, it will not be valid if you do not have opening and closing quotes.


   "a": "Hola \"mundo\""
answered by 30.05.2018 в 23:11

I leave you with these two solutions:

    "a": "Hola \"mundo\""

Otherwise you can try:

    'a': 'Hola "mundo"'

And if you experience any other problem, use the JSON.parse function, once you have your object correctly stored in your script.

answered by 30.05.2018 в 23:16

In JSON, as with any other string, there are escape chains that allow the insertion of special characters such as: the line break, the tabulation, the tildes, among others ... And for this particular cas, you must place the backslach followed by the character that you want to take as a string (\ ") ...

    "a": "\"Hola mundo\""
answered by 09.06.2018 в 19:45