Error connecting Netbeans with a SQL Server 2008 database


Good, I am wanting to connect Netbeans with a database but I have the following error


Can not establish a connection to jdbc: sqlserver: // CRONOPIO: 1433; databaseName = ppm using (The TCP / IP connection could not be made to the CRONOPIO host, port 1433. Error: "Connection refused: connect Check the connection properties, verify that there is an instance of SQL Server running on the host and accepting TCP / IP connections on the port and check that there is no firewall blocking TCP connections on the port." .)

My SQL Server does not have any instances, but the database exists and my port is activated:

The only thing that occurs to me, since I tried several things, is that maybe not having an instance name the empty field is what generates the error. Greetings.

asked by Lucas. D 06.11.2016 в 17:51

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You must go to the configuration manager of SQL Server .

Where you choose the network configuration of SQL Server and the protocols of your instance where you will see the list of protocols, select TCP/IP you will see a window and choose the address tab IP .

Then you assign ports TCP and ports dynamic TCP port 1433 of your respective IP address, restart your server. After this try to connect again with your database. If it worked for you, do not forget to approve my answer. Thanks

answered by 22.03.2018 / 17:34