Is the migration folder uploaded to github?


I have a question about what I'm uploading to github, it's precisely from the migrations folder, is that folder up?

I'm talking about this folder:


myapp / migrations

asked by Emanuel Mamani 26.10.2016 в 21:07

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Django's documentation says


The migration files for each app live in a "migrations" directory inside of that app, and are designed to be committed to, and distributed as part of, its codebase. You should be making them once on your development machine and then running the same migrations on your colleagues' machines, your staging machines, and eventually your production machines.

(I'm not an English expert but I understand something)

The folder and files contained in Migration are designed to distribute and compose the base code of your app, from the development phase, through development of other people on your team (versioning and repositories) and also in production should be present.

answered by 26.10.2016 / 22:04