Error changing the file name to .gitignore


I'm migrating from code version, I previously used Mecurial SCM and now I'll be using GIT, the problem is that Mercurial creates the file .hgignore to host the list of ignored files but when trying to rename it to maintain its equivalent in git and have the .gitignore send me the error:


You must type a file name (You must enter a valid file name)

Is there a way to rename the file .hgignore and change it to .gitignore ?

Note: I hope to find a solution that does not involve installing any tool or developing any type of application and the file system is Windows.

asked by Phi 25.11.2017 в 00:32

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The simplest way to change it is by modifying the name of the file and adding a . at the end.

Instead of putting .gitignore you must put .gitignore. and the same file system will remove the last point.

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answered by 25.11.2017 / 00:32