Why can not I run the Android emulator?


Greetings. I can not run the Android emulator in Android Studio. I have already installed HAXM and API 14 for IceCreamSandwich 4.0. The error that appears is that of the following image.

asked by josemanuel yndriago 20.06.2016 в 19:19

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this AVD's configuration is missing to kernel file!

The problem regularly is that the image does not exist, but it may also be that the image is corrupted so you have to delete it and you have to reinstall it.

You can also enter the configuration of your Android Virtual Device and the configuration will suggest you update / install.

Tools > Android > AVD Manager

answered by 20.06.2016 в 22:52

The "ARM EABI v7a System Image" must be available, install it through the Android SDK Manager manager, as I show you in the following image:

Install it in all the versions that you need to test, although as a recommendation, it would create an application compatible with API 17 (Jelly Bean) up.

I hope to help you, if you do not tell me so I can give you another possible solution.

!! Luck !!

answered by 20.06.2016 в 20:43