Error posting App on Google Play


When I try to upload my app on Google Play, it marks me this:


Upload Error You have uploaded an APK that can be debugged. Because of   security, you must disable debugging in order to publish the   file on Google Play. More information about debuggable APK files   You have uploaded an APK that was signed in development mode. You must sign   the APK file in publication mode. More information on how   sign files You must use a different package name, because   the prefix "com.example" is restricted.

To build the apk I've given Build APK ...

Did I forget something?

asked by Sergio Cv 01.07.2016 в 13:42

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The first error that you have is quite clear, since Google is indicating it to you and is that surely the prefix of your packages starts with com.example.blahblah which is forbidden. That you must modify it to something like com.tunombre.xxxxx

The rest should review the following, from the official documentation :

  • Be sure to remove calls to Log and remove the android:debuggable attribute of your manifest file. You should also provide values for the attributes android:versionCode and android:versionName .

  • Build and sign your Release App: You can use Android Studio to compile, build and sign the app. Android requires that all applications be digitally signed with a certificate before the app is installed from Google Play.

In general, you must follow these steps (in English) before moving on to production:

I hope it helps. Greetings.

answered by 01.07.2016 / 16:14