Open DTS files in Sql Server 2012


I want to migrate several Integration Services packages from sql 2000 that have a .DTS extension to DTSX.

I currently have Sql Server 2012 and I can not pass them to DTSX.

Is there a direct way to migrate them, without needing to convert them to 2005 and 2008? since I do not have permission to install a program

asked by Oscar C 31.01.2017 в 17:28

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Well no, no way . As of SQL Server 2012, these functionalities were stopped supporting

  • DTS runtime


  • The wizard that helped with the migration of simple DTS packages to IS (Integration Services)

  • Support for DTS packages within SQL Server Management Studio

  • Executing DTS packages

From my own experience, I also had to migrate DTS, but in my case I had to do it to Integration Services 2008 (2005 is also an option) and then migrate it to IS 2012. You can see some more data here and here also

I hope I have answered the question

answered by 31.01.2017 в 17:43

I know the post is old. But the solution would be to import the packages into Visual Studio 2008 project. This is how you convert them to .dtsx and you can use them in projects of later versions.

answered by 16.08.2018 в 15:47