I can not access the files in my app from the Andoid Device Monitor


If you know what's wrong, please tell me.

I have the mobile phone emulator open with the app that I want to see your files open.

Just click on to open the android device monitor I get this

Then I give it to yes and it opens but it does not show me anything. I click on my app that I want to see the files and it does not show me anything, it shows it to me like this:

asked by ProRiderZ115 02.02.2017 в 20:56

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Try the following:

If you use an emulator, try lifting one that has a version before or equal to API 23. Apparently ADM does not show the files that are in emulators with API higher than 23. As mentioned here .

If you use a phone, the data should be seen in the project's data / data folder. In case they do not show up, try rooting the phone.

I hope I help you.

answered by 03.02.2017 / 21:44

The connection or communication of Android Studio with the device or the emulator is done through the ADB , if you disable it, it's obvious that you will not be able to access or communicate.

If you ask Disable ADB Integration (disable the integration with the ADB) you should choose not to disable it.

answered by 02.02.2017 в 23:21