replace values in symbols in a string


I have the following string:

Var text='¡Hola $var1$! Gracias $var2$'

How can I replace what is between $ by the value of the variable. Example:

var1="Juan", var2="Pedro"

Resultado='¡Hola Juan! Gracias Pedro'

The text can have more variables and content, which is why I can not do with indexOf

Try with exp. regular, but not used very well.

var exp ='$'[a-z A-Z]'$'/i);
asked by Alexis Granja 11.07.2017 в 16:47

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What we can do is convert your text into the Javascript Literal Templates system.

First we use a

answered by 11.07.2017 / 16:53

You can use this snippet, which is to replace the tokens $id$ with the property id in the object contexto

function analizar(mensaje, contexto)
	var tokens = /\$(\w+)\$/g
	return mensaje.replace(tokens, function(token, $1)
		return contexto[$1]		

var texto = '¡Hola $var1$! Gracias $var2$'
var contexto = {var1: 'Juan', var2: 'Pedro'}
console.log(analizar(texto, contexto)) // Forma ideal

var var1 = 'María'
var var2 = 'Ana'
console.log(analizar(texto, this)) //No recomendado
answered by 11.07.2017 в 17:41