How to make a hello world in assembler Nasm in windows?


I would like to know how to make a hello world in nasm with the Windows 8 64-bit operating system.

Or should I change to Tasm?

asked by Alex Cuenca Morán 23.09.2016 в 20:17

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the code to make a hola mundo in asm with TASM is like this

cadena DB "Hola Mundo$"
datos ENDS
codigo SEGMENT
ASSUME CS:codigo,ds:datos
inicio :MOV AX, datos
        MOV DS, AX
        MOV AH,09h
        MOV DX,offset cadena
        INT 21h
fin: MOV AH,4Ch
        INT 21h
codigo ENDS
END inicio

We save to file with extension asm, then execute the following commands located where we have the file asm

  • TASM namefile.asm
  • TLINK namefile
  • namefile

    To execute this it is necessary to have the following components in the same directory asm: DPMILOAD.exe ,    DPMIMEM.DLL , TD.EXE , TLINK.EXE , TASM.EXE

    answered by 23.09.2016 / 21:09