Problem with ubuntu server


is the first time I set up a server with ubuntu, in the I have two applications in php with two different frameworks, one has the main domain and the other with a subdomain, one of those applications the subdomain must take data via post of the other application by means of an api located on the same server. But I do not know how to make the call, try it for the url but laravel tells me that the url does not exist, I do not know if it is because both use the same port, in this case I do not know how to configure the subdomain to work only for a specific port, or I do not know if it is necessary to configure something more from the server, I appreciate your help.

asked by Andrews 30.08.2018 в 16:46

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After finding out about several questions on this site but in English, I found the solution in this section: link

User Kevin Nguyen came up with the answer. It was just to configure the local ip to the domain where the api is in the host file.

Thank you very much.

answered by 30.08.2018 в 17:50