Connect returns error Test tokens are not allowed


I am developing the integration with MercadoPago Connect in my marketplace following the documentation of: link

I get the seller user token perfectly. But when I try to create a payment preference using that token I always get the error message: "Test tokens are not allowed"

I am using the sandbox mode in all cases, and I can not find any steps in the documentation that may be jumping.

To connect the user I have tested with personal MercadoPago users and with test users generated by Curl.

Has this happened to anyone before? Is it that it can only be done in a productive way?

asked by user3099307 03.03.2017 в 01:42

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I already found the problem:

If you use basic checkout you have to use "Mercado Pago Application" to obtain the credentials of your selling users, this is done using your Client_ID and Client_secret.

If you use personalized checkout you have to use "Mercado Pago Connect" to obtain your user's credentials, which will be done with a test Token first and then production.

I was trying to use the basic checkout with a test token obtained using "MercadoPago Connect".

answered by 04.03.2017 в 21:06