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The Google cloud platform provides a command line to manage the instances or virtual machines that are created, through this command line, which is the command to connect to a particular instance, I have created instance 1, 2. 3, So there must be a command that indicates. Gcloud instance instance1, to connect to is in particular.

asked by Jeison Gonzalez 13.02.2018 в 00:51

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I understand that you have multiple Google Compute Engine instances in your GCP project, and you want to access them. You can do so by following the information provided in the documentation for Connecting to GCE Instances .


The gcloud command that you should use to connect to an instance of GCE (let's call it instancia1 ) is as follows:

gcloud compute ssh instancia1

You can run this command from the Cloud Shell, or from any other site where you have the Cloud SDK installed.

On the other hand, you can go directly to the "Compute Engine > Instances" tab in the Console, and use the SSH button next to the GCE instance, which will open a new window with access to the instance via SSH.

answered by 11.05.2018 в 15:41