Why do I get that error when I want to insert a button in "Android Studio"?


Greetings, I am new in the world of programming for android and I have a little problem which prevents me from continuing with my learning ... which is when I want to insert a button I get that error, I put my button in a position indicated in the creator the app And when I install the app on my android it sends me the button to the position (0,0).

asked by Rony Medina 09.04.2017 в 16:03

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You are using a ConstraintLayout to contain your items, and the message actually indicates that when execute your application your button or views would actually show in the coordinate 0,0 (upper left corner), to avoid this you must define restrictions to your elements:

Click on the end circles and drag them from the view to the ends of the container (up, down, left and right) with this when executing your application the position would be displayed correctly according to the defined restrictions.

I recommend you review this answer:

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answered by 10.04.2017 в 06:59