Problems with Google-Maps in Drupal 7.5


I am working with a template in drupal in which I need to place a map of google maps , install the gmap modules and others that are needed to be able to place the maps.

When I place the map on an internal page it works perfectly, but when it is placed on the main page, it does not work, no action can be taken on the map and these errors are generated.

Does anyone know how to fix it? THANK YOU!

asked by MikeC 04.08.2016 в 07:39

1 answer


Do you have an assigned Key API ???, possibly you have a Google Maps API Key for your local site, but you must generate a new one with your domain name so that the google maps libraries work correctly.

Using a Google account, you can get a new Key API from link .

answered by 18.03.2017 в 03:02