How to randomly select in python itertools.product


I would like to be able to do the following:

Combinaciones = itertols.product('abcd',repeat=5)

Here is where I would like you to select at random and go eliminating each time you choose not to step on it again:

for i in combinaciones 
asked by Nicolas 16.05.2017 в 16:46

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If you want to randomly obtain the output of itertools.product the simplest is to use random.shuffle() to reorganize it randomly:

import itertools
import random

Combinaciones = list(itertools.product('abcd',repeat=5))

for i in Combinaciones:

When traversing it with a for you will never repeat elements since in the list there are no repeated elements, you could also create a generator or, if you really want to delete the elements from the list every time you get one, use list.pop() to extract them. It depends on what and how you want to use them.

answered by 16.05.2017 в 17:04

Itertools returns iterators, that is, objects that return the elements one by one. I will create a function that remains the one chosen among the current ones:

def choice_iterator(it):
    choice = next(it)
    for i in it:
    if random.random() > 1 / n:
    return choice 

It is easy to see that the probability that the probability of being selected for each of the numbers of the given iterator is the same:

def randomCombinacion(*args,**kargs):
    return choice_iterator(itertools.product(*args,**kargs))
answered by 16.10.2018 в 12:58