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I am trying to implement frames in my ionic application, what I want is to show on the top data or information of a user and in the remaining part show a page that consumes webservices. (in this case if there is no Internet, a connection error message will be displayed)

this is what I have so far:

<link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet">
<ion-view hide-nav-bar="true">
  <ion-content class="padding fondo">
    <FRAMESET rows="80,*">
        <frame name="central" src="perfil.html">
        <frame name="alto" src="paginaWeb.html">

How could I implement? since at the moment of executing it does not show me anything. I thank you very much in advance

Pta. The idea is that, if there is no internet connection, the user's information will be shown and in the other frame, my error message will be displayed.

so you can understand me I share this link frames html

asked by Dimoreno 25.07.2016 в 06:14

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Well I know exactly what you want to do, but I do not quite understand the code that is up, since you have the library call css of ionic and below your code, I do not see the head full% or body , likewise I'll give you the solution to what you want.

Local storage

There are two ways if you use ionic, you can use localstorage or SQLite, both have their plugins to use it in ionic with cordova, ngCordova .

connection verification

Also in the plugins of ngCordova you can find one to use it natively, or you can use native javascript to know if your device is connected or not to the internet.

answered by 25.07.2016 в 23:01